Satellite Records | New Punk Vinyl 2/9/16
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New Punk Vinyl 2/9/16

People have been asking for us to bring in more New Punk vinyl. Here’s our response. Enjoy! 

Agoraphobic Nosebleed – “Altered States Of America”

No Doubt – Tragic Kingdom

Shai Hulud – “A Profound Hatred Of Man”

The Get Up Kids – “Four Minute Mile”

Judge – “Bringin’ It Down”

Turnstile – “Nonstop Feeling”

Anal Cunt – “Morbid Florist”

Loma Prieta – “Self Portrait”

The Promise Ring – “30 Degrees Everywhere”

The Promise Ring – “Very Emergency”

Operation Ivy – “Energy”

Run Forever – “S/T”

Butthole Surfers – “Brown Reason To Live”

Bikini Kill – “Revolution Girl Style Now”

Envy – “Atheist’s Cornea”

Pig Destroyer – “Prowler In The Yard”

The Vandals – “Fear Of A Punk Planet”

Tigers Jaw – “Studio 4 Acoustic Session”

Texas Is The Reason – “Do You Know Who You Are?”

Fucked Up – “Year Of The Hare”

Speedy Ortiz – “Foil Deer”

Misfits – “Walk Among Us”

Fugazi – “First Demo”

Minor Threat – “Out Of Step”

Minutemen – “Double Nickels On The Dime”

Gorilla Biscuits – “Start Today”

Minor Threat – “S/T”

Converge – “Petitioning Forever”

Converge – “All We Love We Leave Behind”

Cock Sparrer – “Shock Troops”

Portugal. The Man – “American Ghetto”

Balance And Composure – “Only Boundaries”

La Dispute – “Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River”

Bane – “Don’t Wait Up”

Adolescents – “S/T”

7 Seconds – “The Crew”

Ceremony – “Rohnert Park”

Fugazi – “S/T”

Title Fight – “Floral Green”

Title Fight – “Shed”

Deafheaven – “Sunbather”

Touche Amore – “Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me”

The Menzingers – “A Lesson In The Abuse Of Information Technology”

La Dispute – “Rooms Of The House”

Agnostic Front – “Cause For Alarm”

Touche Amore – “…To The Beat Of A Dead Horse”

Integrity – “Systems Overload”

Refused – “Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent”