We’re bringing back our Special Order Program! 

Here’s how it works:
New releases come out every Tuesday. There are regularly over 200 different albums coming out. There is just no way we can bring in every title. So, we’re giving you a heads up on what is available. We can bring in anything you want. We’ll be updating the list every week and posting it here. 
You can place an order by emailing us at or by phone at (269) 381-0218

Here’s some of what’s coming out this Tuesday:

- Maroon 5 “V” [222 Records]
- Johnny Winter “Step Back” [Megaforce]
- R.E.M. “MTV Unplugged 2001” [Rhino]
- James Brown “Get On Up: The James Brown Story” [Soundtrack]
- Counting Crows “Somewhere Under Wonderland” [Capitol]
- Van Morrison “Complete Bang Sessions” [Cleopatra]
- Can “Ege Bamyasi” [Reissue] [Mute]
- Can “Tago Mago” [Reissue] [Mute]
- Can “Monster Movie” [Reissue] [Mute]
- Can “Soundtracks” [Reissue] [Mute]
- Pallbearer “Foundations Of Burden” [Profound Lore]
- Jason Mraz “Yes” [Atlantic]
- The Kooks “Listen” [Astralwerks]
- Crown The Empire “Resistance: Rise Of the Runaways” [Rise Records]
- The Vines “Wicked Nature” [Wicked Nature Music]
- Earth “Primitive & Deadly” [Southern Lord]
- Portishead “Dummy” [Reissue - Limited Blue Vinyl]
- Miles Davis Septet “Collector’s Item” [Reissue] [Fantasy]
- John Coltrane “Bye Bye Blackbird” [Reissue] [Fantasy]
- Sonny Rollins “Sound Of Sonny” [Reissue] [Fantasy]
- Madlib “Beats: Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton” [Stones Throw]
- Leon Russell “Life Journey” [Blue Note]
- God Help The Girl “S/T” [Belle & Sebastian side project] [Milan Records]
- The Pretty Things “Parachute” [Reissue] [Madfish Records UK]
- John McCallum “Surf Nazis Must Die” [Soundtrack] [Strange Disc]
- Half Japanese “Overjoyed” [Joyful Noise Records]
- The Haunted “Exit Wounds” [Century Media]
- Cattle Decapitation “Monolith Of Inhumanity” [Metal Blade]
- Spacemen 3 “Live At The New Morning Geneva Switzerland 18” [Mental Groove LTD]
- Sinoia Caves “Beyond The Black Rainbow” [Soundtrack] [Jagjaguwar]
- Castanets “Decimation Blues” [Asthmatic Kitty]
- Townes Van Zandt “Our Mother the Mountain” [Reissue] [Snapper UK]
- Mayhem “Grand Declaration Of War”

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We get a lot of compliments on our LP Bargain Bin. Some have even said its rhe best they’ve ever seen. Its a section often neglected at most record stores. Filled with Thrift Store rejects on their way to the garbage dump. Not at Satellite! We take pride in every part of the store and want you to have the best possible experience no matter what yr looking for or how much yr spending!

We know its exciting to find a Bargain Bin score! Taking a gamble on something simply because it looks cool or finding a cheap copy of a record you’ve been on the hunt for.

We’re excited to announce that the Satellite Bargain Bin you know and love just got way better!


Come get yr dig on! We’ll be open late tonight for the No Bails \ Die Rotzz show and again tomorrow night for the Brown Cow \ Alicia Dawn Smith \ Turner Cody \ Morgan Orion show.


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AVA LUNA Is Coming To Satellite!

We’ve been unveiling some pretty huge show announcements lately! We’re particularly excited about this one:

On Saturday, Sept 13th we’re hosting the wonderful AVA LUNA!


These folks dropped one of the best albums of 2014 so far (Electric Balloon, Western Vinyl). We stocked a few earlier this year and were totally blow away with their sound! Incredible Soul vocal harmonies on top of No Wave inspired grooves. Very experimental and yet completely accessible. Judging by the videos we’ve seen, their live show is going to be even better!

Check out this video for their single “Genesee” and you’ll see what we mean

Ava Luna is on tour with Celestial Shore. Give their album “10x” a spin and you’ll hear some excellent comparisons to The Pixies, Modest Mouse and The Zombies. We can’t wait to experience this show with all of you!

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We’ve been getting some amazing bands coming through the new store! We have three really big show announcements this week. The first is for BATTLE TRANCE on Tuesday, September 9th.

You many not know this band by name, but read on and we will try to convey just how incredibly excited you should be!

Battle Trance is an Avant-garde saxophone quartet from NYC led by tenor master Travis Laplante. You may have seen him in town before at either of his two solo shows or possible with his No Wave/Free Jazz group Little Women. If you were at any of those sets, then you already know this can’t be missed!

This will easily be the best saxophone playing you’ll hear all year. Maybe the best ever. We’re not exaggerating! This show will be a monumental, life changing experience. Cities like Kalamazoo aren’t always able to get shows of this caliber. We’re lucky to have them!

Battle Trance stretches the boundaries of music combining Modern Classical, Free Jazz and Noise. These are musicians at the top of their game. Completely on another level. Check this brief preview and mark yr calendars:

Openers for the night include local favorites Shoto and Surprise Attack.

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National Night Out Sidewalk Sale!

You may have heard about National Night Out. People all over Kalamazoo are grtting out and celebrating tonight! The VNA will be setting up outside of Cosmo’s hosting a potluck. Check yr local listings for other events happening around you.

Satellite is jumping on the train with a world class Sidewalk Sale! We just put out some Bargain Bin gold. Fresh arrivals and some stuff we’ve been hiding for the past few weeks. Some killer titles in there!

Best part:

That’s right. Straight up half off. The good stuff won’t last! Get here ASAP start digging!


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Have You Been To Satellite Yet??

Without a doubt, moving the record store has been the decision we’ve ever made! Ever since re-opening on July 1st, we’ve been killing it! Nothing but love from the community. Excellent in-store shows. And more incoming New Arrival music and movies than we’ve ever had before! The amount of cool stuff coming in here is just staggering. If you haven’t checked out the new spot yet, yr missing out! We’ve stocked so much vinyl over the past month that you could easily lose several hours diggin’ through the stacks.

We’ve also got some pretty incredible daytime events coming up! NYC legends Oneida will be stopping by tomorrow (8/31) for a 1pm performance + meet & greet.


We just confirmed today that Heavy Times will be playing the store on Saturday, August 16th!
Satellite Records is Kalamazoo’s new hot spot!



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Frequently Asked Questions About Satellite Records

People are incredibly excited about our impending move and re-branding! We’re very flattered to be receiving so much love and attention. Can’t wait to see what new opportunities the Vine Neighborhood will offer!

Many people have been asking questions about this whole process. We decided to compile some of the more common ones and answer as best we can. Enjoy!

1. When and where are you moving?
We’re shutting down June 29th and 30th. We will (hopefully) be open as Satellite Records on July 1st.
We will be at 808 S. Westnedge. Right next to Bagel Beanery, 4th Coast, Crow’s Nest, Martini’s, S Westnedge Market and more!
There will be a Grand Opening party on Sat, July 12.

2. Is it a bigger space?
The new building is about the same size as our current one. It’s shaped more like a rectangle though and will be easier to manipulate. Hoping to fit a few extra things in there…

3. Will you still be hosting shows?
Yes! In fact, we’re planning to build a stage with an improved PA. We’re planning to start hosting more shows than ever before!

4. Will you still be associated with the Grandville store?
No. We’ve actually been under different ownership for a few years now. Moving has provided a perfect opportunity to re-brand.

5. Will you still be stocking the same types of records?
Yes and no. We’re not planning to cut out any current aspect of our business. You will still find all the same genre sections. We are planning to improve on several things. As business increases, we will be stocking a great deal more New Vinyl. Especially Indie, Punk, Hip Hop, Metal and Psych.
We are also greatly expanding our selection of 45s & 12″ Singles!
We are also planning to expand our t-shirt selection and VHS display. There has also been talk of venturing into Books and Video Games. Stay tuned for more info on that!

6. Can I still use my Corner Record Shop Loyalty Card or Gift Certificate?
Yes! We’re only changing our name. All previous cards, certificates and receipts will be honored.

7. What hours will you be open?
We’re planning to expand from our current hours. Looking at 10-9 Mon-Sat & 11-6 Sun.

8. Why the name Satellite Records?
We’re changing the name to eliminate confusion between us and the Grandville store.
The name is inspired by the original Stax Records imprint and on site record store.
We’re planning to greatly increase our association with Already Dead Tapes (Sean is a co-owner of the label). All new releases from the label will be released simultaneously on the AD webstore and at Satellite Records. In effect we will become the “satellite” location for Already Dead Tapes.

9. Why the Vine Neighborhood?
We’ve always loved that part of Kalamazoo. Pretty much everyone working here currently lives there or has previously lived there.
We’re excited about being next to some of our favorite restaurants and shops.
In our opinion, the Vine has some of the best walking traffic in Kalamazoo. A record store in that neighborhood just makes too much sense!

10. Are you hiring?
Not right now. Feel free to keep checking in though! If our new location takes off like we think it will, then new positions will soon be available…



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